can i eat pizza after wisdom teeth

Eating pizza after wisdom teeth removal can be a tricky situation. It is important to understand that the healing process after wisdom teeth removal can take up to two weeks. During this time, it is important to avoid hard and chewy foods, such as pizza, as they can cause irritation to the healing gums. Additionally, pizza is acidic and can cause irritation and pain to the affected area. However, if your dentist has given you the okay to eat solid foods, it is possible to enjoy a pizza once your mouth has healed. To ensure a safe eating experience, it is best to cut the pizza into small pieces and avoid spicy toppings.

1. What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that erupt in the back of the mouth. They usually appear in the late teens or early twenties, and are often referred to as “third molars”. Though they can be beneficial in some cases, wisdom teeth are often misaligned and can cause overcrowding and pain. For this reason, they are often removed by a dentist or oral surgeon to prevent discomfort and other dental issues.

2. What Is the Purpose of Wisdom Teeth?

The purpose of wisdom teeth is to provide additional chewing surface in the back portion of the mouth. They usually appear in an individual’s late teens or early twenties and can cause issues such as overcrowding, becoming impacted, or causing damage to other teeth. In some cases, the removal of these teeth may be necessary to prevent further issues. By being aware of the potential problems associated with wisdom teeth, individuals can take proactive steps to maintain their oral health.

3. What Are the Common Symptoms After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

After having your wisdom teeth extracted, it’s normal to experience some swelling, discomfort, and even bleeding. Common symptoms include tenderness of the gums, jaw stiffness, and general discomfort. The most common symptom after wisdom tooth extraction is swelling. This is due to the tissue trauma caused by the surgery. Swelling usually subsides within a few days and can be reduced with cold compresses and pain medication. Other symptoms can include pain, bleeding, infection, and dry socket. It is important to follow your dentist’s post-operative instructions to reduce the risk of infection and other complications.

When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

4. What Are the Risks of Eating Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

After undergoing wisdom teeth extraction, your dentist will likely advise you to refrain from eating certain foods such as pizza. This is because the areas where the teeth were extracted are often still healing, and pizza can be difficult to chew and may contain ingredients that could irritate the wound. Eating pizza too soon after extraction can also increase the risk of infection, as the cheese, tomato sauce, and other toppings may contain bacteria that can enter the wound and cause infection. Additionally, the act of chewing can cause pain and discomfort, which can slow down the recovery process. To ensure the best possible healing process, it is best to avoid pizza until your dentist has given you the all-clear.

5. What Are the Benefits of Eating Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Pizza is a great comfort food to enjoy after having wisdom teeth extracted. Not only is it easy to chew and digest, it also contains essential nutrients that can help with the healing process. Eating pizza can help replenish lost energy, provide protein for tissue repair, and provide calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Eating pizza can also stimulate saliva production, which helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing. Plus, it tastes delicious! So, if you’ve just had your wisdom teeth extracted, don’t be afraid to indulge in some pizza to help you heal.

6. How Can You Safely Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Eating pizza after wisdom teeth extraction may seem like a daunting task, but with a few precautions, you can enjoy a slice or two without risking further damage to your mouth. The key is to take it slow and to be mindful of the food textures you’re consuming. To start, opt for smaller pieces of pizza with softer toppings and a thinner crust. Avoid pizza that’s too hot, and chew slowly to ensure you don’t put too much strain on your jaw. If you’re feeling extra cautious, consider blending some of your favorite ingredients like cheese and pepperoni to make a dip or sauce that’s easier to eat. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can safely enjoy pizza even after having your wisdom teeth extracted.


In conclusion, eating pizza after wisdom teeth removal is generally not recommended due to the risk of infection. Soft foods like mashed potatoes, soup, and yogurt are better food choices for the first few days after the procedure. It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions and wait until your mouth has healed before attempting to eat anything other than soft foods.

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