Gozney Vs Ooni Pizza Oven

Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens are two of the most popular outdoor pizza ovens on the market. They both provide an easy and convenient way to create restaurant-quality pizzas in your own backyard. Gozney is a British company that produces professional grade pizza ovens, while Ooni is a Finnish company that specializes in portable wood-fired pizza ovens. Both companies offer a wide range of ovens, from entry-level models to professional-grade ovens. When it comes to deciding which oven is the best for you, it is important to consider the size, the heat output, the fuel type, and the features. Gozney offers a variety of ovens that range from small countertop units to larger wood-fired ovens. Ooni, on the other hand, specializes in portable wood-fired ovens, with models ranging from small tabletop ovens to larger units that can cook multiple pizzas at once. Both companies offer high-quality ovens that can produce delicious pizzas and other dishes. However, the decision ultimately comes down to your individual needs and preferences.

Overview of Gozney Pizza Ovens

and Ooni Pizza Ovens

When it comes to home pizza ovens, two of the most popular brands on the market are Gozney and Ooni. Both brands offer a wide range of ovens designed to make perfect pizzas at home. But which one is best for you? To help you decide, let’s take a closer look at what each brand has to offer.

Gozney ovens are designed to provide professional-grade results and feature high-quality construction with a focus on durability and performance. The ovens are built with insulated double-walled steel, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. They also come with three adjustable air vents that help to control airflow and heat distribution.

On the other hand, Ooni pizza ovens are designed for portability and convenience. The ovens are lightweight and easy to move, and they come with a wide range of accessories to help make pizza-making easier. The ovens also come with a wide range of cooking functions, such as a pizza stone, baking tray, and more.

So, which is the better choice for you? Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a professional-grade pizza oven with superior heat retention and performance, then Gozney might be the right choice. However, if portability and convenience are your top priorities, then Ooni might be the better option.

Overview of Ooni Pizza Ovens

When it comes to pizza ovens, the debate between Gozney and Ooni is often a heated one. But what exactly are the differences between these two top-of-the-line pizza ovens? In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the features, capabilities, and advantages of Gozney and Ooniovens so you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the right pizza oven for your needs.

Gozney ovens are renowned for their robust construction and heavy-duty materials, providing a durable and reliable cooking experience. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small portable models to large commercial options. Additionally, Gozney ovens boast an impressive temperature range, reaching up to 930°F, and their dual-layer insulation traps heat efficiently for even and consistent cooking.

Meanwhile, Ooni ovens are designed to give a superior cooking experience, utilizing a powerful wood-fired flame to deliver an authentic pizzeria-style taste. They are also lightweight and easy to move around, making them ideal for outdoor cooking. Furthermore, Ooni ovens have a unique stone-baking board which absorbs and retains heat, allowing for evenly cooked pizzas in as little as 60 seconds.

Ultimately, the decision between Gozney and Ooni comes down to personal preference and the features that are most important to you. Both brands offer excellent quality and reliability, so whichever oven you choose, you can rest assured you’ll be making delicious pizzas in no time.

Comparison of Cooking Capabilities

When it comes to making the best pizza, the Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens are two of the most popular options. But which one is better for your needs? That’s why we’ve compared the two to help you decide.

When it comes to cooking capabilities, the Gozney ovens are the clear winners. These ovens can reach temperatures up to 900°F, allowing you to easily cook a pizza in just 90 seconds. The Ooni ovens can reach up to 932°F, but they require more time for pizza cooking.

The Gozney ovens also have the added benefit of a rotating stone base, which ensures that your pizza is cooked evenly. The Ooni ovens have a fixed stone base and rely on the user to rotate the pizza manually.

Finally, the Gozney ovens are much more efficient when it comes to fuel usage. The ovens use a patented technology that helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%. The Ooni ovens don’t have this same technology and require more fuel to operate.

In conclusion, the Gozney ovens offer a better cooking experience and are more fuel efficient than the Ooni ovens. If you’re looking for a pizza oven that can cook faster and more evenly, the Gozney ovens are the way to go.

Comparison of Portability

and Storage

The portability and storage of your pizza oven is an important consideration to make before deciding which one to buy. When it comes to portability, Gozney pizza ovens are typically lighter and smaller in size than Ooni ovens, making them easier to transport and take with you on the go. Gozney ovens also come with a carry handle, making them even more portable. On the other hand, Ooni ovens tend to be heavier and larger, making them less portable, but they also come with a wheeled stand which makes them easier to move around.

When it comes to storage, Gozney ovens are a convenient size and come with a protective cover which makes them easy to store away when not in use. Ooni pizza ovens, however, are bulky and may require more space for storage. With that said, Ooni ovens come with a storage bag which can help protect the oven from dust and moisture.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and what fits your lifestyle. Gozney ovens offer the highest level of convenience and portability, while Ooni ovens will provide more stability and a larger cooking area.

Ooni VS Gozney Roccbox: Portable Pizza Oven Battle
Image source: https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/ooni-vs-gozney-roccbox/

Comparison of Price

When shopping for a pizza oven, one of the primary considerations is the cost. So how do two of the most popular brands Gozney and Ooni compare when it comes to price?

Gozney offers an entry-level oven, the Roccbox, for $599. The Roccbox is a wood-fired oven that heats up to 930°F in 20 minutes. It can reach high temperatures, meaning you can get the classic Neapolitan-style pizza with a crisp base. For a more professional oven, Gozney’s commercial-grade ovens range from $2,000 to $4,000.

Ooni, on the other hand, offers a range of outdoor pizza ovens that range from $299 to $499. These are wood-fired ovens that reach temperatures of up to 932°F. Ooni’s largest model, the Koda 16, offers a large cooking surface and can be fueled by wood, charcoal, or gas. Its commercial-grade ovens range from $1,499 to $3,000.

Overall, Gozney’s prices are slightly higher than Ooni’s. However, Gozney offers larger, more powerful ovens that are better suited for commercial use. Ooni’s ovens are more affordable and suited for outdoor cooking at home. The choice between the two will depend on your specific needs.

Comparison of Maintenance Requirements

The pizza oven market has seen a surge in the past few years, with more and more people opting for outdoor cooking. This has led to the emergence of new brands such as Gozney and Ooni, who are vying for a share of the market. But how do their maintenance requirements compare?

Gozney ovens come with a lifetime warranty, meaning there is no need for regular maintenance. This is great for those who don’t want the hassle of having to keep their oven in top condition. On the other hand, Ooni ovens come with a one-year warranty, so they will require more frequent attention.

When it comes to cleaning, Gozney ovens are easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth after each use. Ooni ovens, on the other hand, require more attention. They need to be cleaned with a specialized cleaning solution and scrubbed after each use.

In terms of fuel, Gozney ovens use wood pellets, while Ooni ovens use gas or propane. The benefit of wood pellets is that they are a renewable resource and are more environmentally friendly than gas or propane. But they do require more frequent refilling, which can be a hassle.

In conclusion, both Gozney and Ooni ovens have their pros and cons when it comes to maintenance requirements. Gozney ovens require less maintenance and are easier to clean, but use wood pellets which may require more frequent refilling. Ooni ovens require more maintenance and are more difficult to clean, but use gas or propane which requires less frequent refilling. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference.

Comparison of Accessories

When it comes to pizza ovens, Gozney and Ooni are two of the most popular names in the market. Both of these brands offer a wide range of pizza ovens and accessories, making them a great option for anyone looking to make pizza at home. But which one is best? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Gozney vs Ooni pizza oven comparison to help you make the right decision.

When it comes to accessories, both Gozney and Ooni offer a range of pizza oven accessories that can help you get the most out of your pizza oven. Ooni offers an array of pizza stone sizes, pizza peels, and pizza pan sets, while Gozney offers a variety of pizza scoopers, pizza cutters, and pizza lifters. Both companies offer a variety of wood-fired pizza ovens, as well as gas-fired ovens. If you’re looking for a wood-fired oven, Gozney offers an electric-powered oven that can heat up to 700 °F. Ooni, on the other hand, offers a variety of gas-fired ovens that can reach up to 932°F, making them ideal for creating restaurant-style pizza.

Ultimately, the decision between Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens comes down to your personal preference. Both brands offer a variety of options to suit your needs, and their accessories are designed to help you get the best results. Whether you choose Gozney or Ooni, you’ll be sure to enjoy the delicious pizzas you create.

Final Thoughts

After taking a closer look at both the Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens, we can see that both offer excellent solutions for pizza lovers. The Gozney oven is an excellent choice for those who want an extra-large, outdoor pizza oven that can cater to large groups. It’s durable, efficient, and easy to use. On the other hand, the Ooni pizza oven is a great option for those who want to move their oven around, or prefer a smaller, more compact pizza oven. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Both ovens have their pros and cons, and it’s up to the individual to decide which one best suits their needs. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious, homemade pizza in no time.

FAQs About the Gozney Vs Ooni Pizza Oven

Q1. What is the difference between Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens?
A1. Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens are both designed to cook authentic, wood-fired pizzas at high temperatures. The main difference between the two is that Gozney ovens use a refractory stone floor, while Ooni ovens use a stainless steel or cast iron surface.

Q2. How long does it take to cook a pizza in a Gozney or Ooni pizza oven?
A2. Cooking times will vary depending on the size and thickness of the pizza, as well as the temperature of the oven. Generally, a pizza can be cooked in as little as one minute in a Gozney or Ooni pizza oven.

Q3. Can I use a Gozney or Ooni pizza oven to cook other foods?
A3. Yes, both Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens are designed to cook a variety of other foods such as bread, fish, and vegetables. However, the cooking times and temperatures may vary depending on the type of food and the size of the oven.


The Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens both offer great features and benefits for making delicious pizzas at home. The Gozney oven is perfect for those looking for a larger, more powerful oven, while the Ooni oven is great for those who want a more compact, portable option. The Gozney oven is more expensive than the Ooni oven, but it provides a larger cooking area and better insulation, making it a great choice for commercial use. Both ovens offer great results when it comes to pizza making, so it’s really up to the individual to decide which one would best fit their needs.

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