How Big Are California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas

How Big Are California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a popular restaurant chain that is famous for its unique and creative pizzas. As a result, many people wonder how big their pizzas are. The answer is that CPK pizzas are typically between 12 and 14 inches in diameter, depending on the type of pizza. They are usually cut into 8 slices. Their pizzas are also thicker than traditional pizzas, so that each slice is satisfyingly filling. CPK also offers a variety of sizes for certain types of pizza, such as the popular cauliflower crust, allowing customers to choose the size that best fits their appetites.

Overview of California Pizza Kitchen’s Pizza Sizes

The California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has a wide variety of pizzas and other dishes, and their pizzas come in a variety of sizes. From small personal pizzas to large, shareable pies, CPK has something for everyone. To make sure you get the pizza size that best suits your needs, it’s important to understand the differences in CPK’s pizza sizes.

CPK offers personal pizzas with a 7-inch crust, small pizzas with a 10-inch crust, medium pizzas with a 12-inch crust, and large pizzas with a 14-inch crust. All of these pizzas feature their signature thin, crisp crust and can be customized with a variety of toppings. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options.

For large groups, CPK also has shareable pizzas. Their Party Pizzas come in two sizes: a 20-inch Party Pizza and a 30-inch Party Pizza. These are perfect for large family gatherings or office parties. They feature the same thin, crisp crust and a variety of topping options.

Whether you’re looking for a personal pizza or a shareable pie, CPK has you covered. From small, 7-inch personal pizzas to large, 30-inch party pizzas, CPK has a wide selection of sizes to choose from. With their signature thin, crisp crust and a variety of topping options, CPK is sure to have a pizza that will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Types of Pizzas Available from California Pizza Kitchen

If you’re looking for a delicious pizza that suits your taste buds, then you should check out California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). CPK is a restaurant chain that serves up a variety of pizzas and other Italian-inspired dishes. They have a wide selection of pizza sizes and types to choose from, so you can be sure to find something that fits your appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic thin-crust pizza, a deep-dish pizza, a gluten-free option, or something with a unique flavor, CPK has you covered. Let’s take a closer look at the types of pizzas available from California Pizza Kitchen.

The classic thin-crust pizza is a favorite among pizza lovers. CPK offers a variety of different toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, and more. The thin crust ensures a crisp, crunchy texture, and the generous portion of toppings makes for a flavorful experience.

CPK also offers a range of deep-dish pizzas. These pizzas are made with a thick, buttery crust and are filled with toppings that include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, and more. The deep-dish pizzas are sure to fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

For those looking for a gluten-free option, CPK has you covered. Their gluten-free pizzas are made with a unique crust that is free from wheat, barley, and rye. The crust is topped with fresh vegetables, cheese, and other toppings.

Factors Influencing the Size of California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas

When it comes to California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, size matters. From the legendary BBQ Chicken Pizza to the classic Margherita, each pizza is crafted to perfection with the right size and ingredients. But what are the factors influencing the size of California Pizza Kitchen pizzas?

One of the most important factors is the crust. The crust of the pizza is the base on which all the toppings are placed and can vary in size from thin crust to thick crust. The thickness of the crust can influence the overall size of the pizza.

The next factor to consider is the number of toppings. The more toppings that are added to a pizza, the bigger it will be. The type of toppings also plays a role, as some toppings, such as meats, tend to take up more space than vegetables.

Finally, the size of the pizza can also be influenced by the number of slices. California Pizza Kitchen offers a variety of sizes for their pizzas, ranging from a single slice to an extra-large pie. Each size is designed to provide a different experience, depending on your needs.

Factors Influencing the Size of California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas


Variety of Toppings Available

At California Pizza Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with the range of topping options. From classic favorites like pepperoni and sausage to creative favorites like barbecue sauce and roasted corn, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of vegetables, like mushrooms and spinach, or you’re looking for something more indulgent, like truffle oil and prosciutto, California Pizza Kitchen has you covered. Freshly made dough, quality ingredients, and an extensive selection of toppings make CPK pizza a delicious and satisfying option for any pizza lover.

Popular Combinations

Dining out at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) can be a treat for pizza lovers. But how big are the pizzas? What popular combinations of toppings have become favorites among CPK fans? Let’s explore the size and combinations of CPK’s pizzas to figure out which one is right for you.

CPK’s pizzas come in two sizes – medium and large. The medium pizza is 12 inches and the large pizza is 14 inches, with both sizes containing 8 slices. When it comes to toppings, CPK’s menu offers a variety of options. Popular combinations include the ‘Original BBQ Chicken’ with grilled chicken, red onions, cilantro, and smoked Gouda cheese, the ‘Spicy Chipotle Chicken’ with grilled chicken, jalapenos, cilantro, and smoked Gouda cheese, and the ‘Veggie’ pizza with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red onions, and mozzarella cheese.

CPK also offers gluten-free and cauliflower crust pizzas in both sizes. If you’re looking for something unique, you can also create your pizza by customizing the toppings. Whether you like classic combinations or unique creations, CPK has the perfect pizza for you.

Nutritional Value

California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are renowned for their generous size and delicious flavor. But how do they stack up nutritionally? Knowing the nutritional value of your food is important to make informed decisions about your diet.

California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious and nutritious meal. The pizzas are made with a thin crust and are topped with a variety of fresh vegetables and meats. The pizzas are also low in fat, calories, and sodium.

The nutritional content of each pizza varies depending on the toppings. However, the average pizza contains about 700 calories and 35 grams of fat. Additionally, the pizzas contain 12-17 grams of protein, 50-70 grams of carbohydrates, and 12-15 grams of sugar.

The pies are also a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, and E, and calcium. While pizzas can be high in sodium, California Pizza Kitchen pizzas contain about 700-800 milligrams of sodium per pie.

Overall, California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are a good option for those looking for a nutritious meal. While they are high in calories and fat, they are still lower in fat and calories than many other pizzas. Plus, they are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.

FAQs About the How Big Are California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas

1. What sizes of California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are available?

A: California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are available in Small (10″), Medium (12″), and Large (14″) sizes.

2. How many slices are in a California Pizza Kitchen pizza?

A: Small (10″) pizzas come with 6 slices, Medium (12″) pizzas come with 8 slices, and Large (14″) pizzas come with 10 slices.

3. How much do California Pizza Kitchen pizzas cost?

A: Prices will vary by location, but on average, Small (10″) pizzas cost around $10, Medium (12″) pizzas cost around $13, and Large (14″) pizzas cost around $16.


California Pizza Kitchen pizzas come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small individual pizzas to large party-sized pizzas. With a variety of topping options and creative combinations, there is sure to be a pizza for everyone. Whether it’s for a small family gathering or a large party, you can find the perfect pizza size for your needs at California Pizza Kitchen.

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