How To Decorate Top Of Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse Style

How To Decorate Top Of Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse Style

Are you looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen? Decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets with farmhouse style can be a great way to bring a bit of country vibes into your space. From distressed wood accents to natural elements, there are many ways to create a farmhouse look on top of your cabinets. With a few simple and affordable decorations, you can transform the top of your kitchen cabinets into a stylish and inviting space. Read on to learn some of the best tips and ideas for decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Materials

When it comes to designing a farmhouse-style kitchen, the materials used for the cabinets play a key role in creating the perfect rustic look. From wood to metal, there are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect cabinet material for your kitchen. No matter what material you decide on, it’s important to choose something that is both durable and stylish.

Wood is the traditional choice for farmhouse-style cabinets, offering a classic, timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s important to select a wood that is both durable and stylish, such as hickory, cherry, or oak. Metal cabinets are also becoming increasingly popular in farmhouse kitchens, offering a modern twist on the traditional look. Popular metals for cabinet construction include stainless steel, copper, and brass.

No matter which material you decide on, it’s important to choose something durable and stylish. When decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets, you can incorporate a variety of items to add a touch of rustic charm. From rustic lanterns to vintage dishes, there are plenty of ways to make your kitchen cabinets look like they belong in a farmhouse. With the right materials and decorations, you’ll have a farmhouse-style kitchen in no time.

Selecting Farmhouse Style Decor

When decorating your kitchen with a farmhouse style, you want to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. The best way to do this is to carefully select the right decor pieces. To achieve the ultimate farmhouse look, consider using decorations that are rustic, natural, and made of raw materials. A great way to start is by selecting pieces that are inspired by country life, such as wooden chopping boards, vintage-style kitchen gadgets, and antique crockery. Additionally, you can add small touches that evoke a sense of nostalgia, such as framed photos, dried herbs, vintage-style fabrics, and antiques. When it comes to the top of your kitchen cabinets, you can add a few decorative pieces that reflect the farmhouse style, from mason jars filled with flowers to wicker baskets and rustic signs. You can also hang a few pieces of art to add a personal touch to your kitchen or use the space as a place to display some of your favorite cookbooks. With a bit of creativity, you can create a unique and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen that is perfect for entertaining.

Optimizing Cabinet Space

Decorating the top of kitchen cabinets is a great way to spruce up a space and give it a more homely feel. But it can also be a challenge to use the space efficiently, especially if you have limited cabinet space. Optimizing your cabinet space is essential if you want to make the most of your kitchen’s decor. Here are some tips for maximizing your cabinet space and incorporating a farmhouse style into your kitchen.

First, consider the items you need to store. Many farmhouse-style kitchens feature jars of preserves or other items to give the kitchen a rustic, homey feel. Choose items that are both decorative and functional, such as jars, baskets, and bottles that can be used to store items like utensils, spices, and other small items.

Second, look for furniture that doubles as storage. Items like a classic bench can be used to store items like cookbooks or extra towels. This will help keep your kitchen looking neat and organized while still incorporating a rustic feel.

Third, embrace open shelving. Open shelving is a great way to make use of the space above your cabinets. You can use it to store dishes, spices, and small appliances. You can also use it to display decorative items like plates, mugs, and other items.

Finally, use the space above your cabinets to create a focal point. Hang a wreath above the cabinets, or install a chalkboard to write inspiring quotes. You can also hang a mirror or framed artwork to add a touch of sophistication.

By following these tips, you can optimize your kitchen cabinet space and incorporate a farmhouse style into your kitchen decor. With a few simple changes, you can transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting space.

Adding a Personal Touch

For those looking to achieve a farmhouse-style kitchen, topping off the cabinets with decorative touches can take the look to the next level. There are various ways to dress up the top of the kitchen cabinets to add a personalized element to the space. Adding a personal touch to the kitchen cabinets can help make the space feel more lively and inviting.

For starters, consider adding a row of houseplants on top of the cabinets. Not only will the plants add a nice touch of color and texture, but they’ll also help introduce some life into the kitchen. Alternatively, you could opt for a more traditional approach and incorporate the classic farmhouse elements like old-fashioned canisters, vintage signs, and decorative plates.

Another great way to spruce up the kitchen cabinets is to use a variety of baskets to store items such as linens, cookbooks, and kitchen tools. Not only will this give the kitchen a more organized look, but it’ll also help keep the cabinets looking neat and tidy. For a more vintage feel, consider incorporating a few antique pieces into the mix. This could include an old-fashioned clock or a vintage wooden box.

Finally, don’t forget the most important element: lighting. Incorporating decorative lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier or sconces, can help bring the entire look together. Additionally, using a combination of soft white lighting fixtures and a few pops of color can help highlight the decorative elements and make the kitchen feel more inviting.

In conclusion, there are many ways to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets in a farmhouse style. By incorporating some of the traditional elements, such as houseplants, baskets, and vintage pieces, as well as adding a few decorative lighting fixtures, you can create a personalized, inviting space that reflects your unique style.

Utilizing Wall Space Around Cabinets

Adding a decorative touch to the top of kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a unique farmhouse-style makeover. But before you start decorating, it’s important to consider the wall space around your cabinets. Utilizing this area correctly can create a beautiful and cohesive look. Here are some tips on how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets in a way that will add to the farmhouse charm.

When choosing items to place on top of your cabinets, consider the scale of the wall space. Larger pieces will look best in wider areas, while smaller ones are ideal for narrow walls. If you have bare walls, consider adding a wall shelf or hanging art to create more visual interest. Wreaths, garlands, and seasonal decorations are also great options.

When placing items on top of your cabinets, it’s important to consider the colors and textures. Choose a color palette that complements your existing décor and use items with different textures to create a nice contrast. For example, a wooden vase can be placed next to a rustic metal windmill to create an interesting look.

Lastly, you can also use the top of your cabinets to display some of your favorite items like cookbooks, dishes, and plants. This will give your kitchen a personalized touch and add to the farmhouse feel. With these tips, you can easily decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen a stylish and inviting farmhouse makeover.

Combining Natural and Contemporary Elements

Bringing together the perfect balance of natural and contemporary elements is essential to achieving a farmhouse-style look in your kitchen. To create a farmhouse kitchen, start with a neutral color palette for your walls, floors, and countertops. Opt for natural wood cabinets and furniture pieces, and add in some industrial touches like metal shelving and hardware. To complete the look, take advantage of the top of your cabinets as a decorative space.

For a modern take on farmhouse style, incorporate some contemporary elements like sleek, stylish lighting fixtures and clean lines. You can also add in some natural elements like woven baskets or a wood breadboard. To create a truly unique look, try mixing and matching different colors and textures for your cabinets and furniture. Greenery and natural accents like a wood ladder or an antique mirror can also help to enhance the farmhouse aesthetic.

When it comes to decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets, think outside the box. Hang a collection of vintage plates or display your favorite cookbooks. Add a rustic touch with a weathered farmhouse sign or a vintage-style clock. For a truly unique look, try incorporating a mismatched set of objects that all contribute to the farmhouse style. With a little creativity and the right mix of natural and contemporary elements, you can easily create a farmhouse look in your kitchen.

Incorporating Lighting

When it comes to farmhouse-style kitchen cabinet decorations, lighting plays an important role. Not only does it provide a source of illumination, but it can also serve as a decorative accent. To create a farmhouse feel with your kitchen cabinet decorations, consider using wall sconces, lanterns, and string lights. Wall sconces can be used to light up the area while also providing a rustic atmosphere. Lanterns can be hung from the top of the cabinets to provide both ambient and task lighting. For a more whimsical touch, consider using string lights to provide a festive atmosphere. Regardless of which type of lighting you choose, make sure it is energy-efficient and offers adequate lighting. With the right lighting, your kitchen cabinet decorations can be transformed into a stunning farmhouse style.


Decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets in a farmhouse style can be a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your kitchen. Whether you opt for a rustic look with galvanized metal accents, some vintage finds, or a more modern bohemian style with baskets and plants, the possibilities are endless. With a few simple touches, you can give your kitchen a charming, cozy farmhouse vibe that is sure to be the envy of all your friends.

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