mod 11 inch pizza

The 11 inch pizza is becoming increasingly popular in the pizza industry. This popular size is great for a family of four or a group of friends. It is the perfect size for a meal or a snack. The 11 inch pizza is large enough to feed a group of 4-5 people and can be easily shared. It is also the perfect size for a takeout order. The 11 inch pizza is a great way to enjoy a delicious pizza without being overwhelmed with too much food. It is also a great option for those looking for a quick, inexpensive meal.

1. What is an 11 inch Pizza?

An 11 inch pizza is a popular size pizza that is typically served as a single serving. It is usually 8-10 inches in diameter and is cut into 8 slices. An 11 inch pizza is a great option for those looking for a quick and easy meal, as it is large enough to feed one to two people. The pizza can be topped with a variety of different ingredients, ranging from traditional toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives, to more exotic toppings like pineapple, artichoke hearts, and feta cheese. An 11 inch pizza is a great way to satisfy your pizza cravings while still having leftovers for tomorrow!

2. Benefits of an 11 inch Pizza

An 11 inch pizza is the perfect size for a small gathering of friends or family. Not only is it big enough to feed everyone, but also small enough to make it easy to share. Plus, the smaller size means that you can enjoy a greater variety of toppings without having to worry about wasting food. With an 11 inch pizza, you get all the deliciousness of a larger pizza, without the leftovers. And, of course, what’s better than a delicious pizza with your favorite toppings? Enjoy the best of both worlds with an 11 inch pizza!

3. Types of 11 inch Pizza

11 inch pizzas are a delicious treat for any occasion! Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese pizza, a vegetarian option, or something a little more unique, there’s a 11 inch pizza for everyone. From classic thin crust to deep dish, and even gluten-free, vegan options, 11 inch pizza is the perfect meal for those looking for something unique and delicious. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a quick meal, 11 inch pizza will satisfy your cravings. With options like classic marinara, BBQ chicken, and even pesto, 11 inch pizza is a great way to bring everyone together. So grab a slice and enjoy!

Mod size pizza (11 inch) - Picture of Mod Pizza, Salem - Tripadvisor

4. How to Make an 11 inch Pizza

Making an 11 inch pizza is an easy and fun task that anyone can do! With just a few ingredients, you can create a delicious, homemade pizza for your family and friends. Start by preheating your oven to 425°F. Then, roll out your pizza dough onto a lightly floured surface. Next, spread your favorite sauce and toppings on the dough. Finally, place the pizza in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes. Enjoy your 11 inch pizza!

5. Where to Buy 11 inch Pizza

If you’re looking for the perfect 11 inch pizza, you’re in luck! Here are some tips for where to buy the best 11 inch pizza. First, look for a pizza shop that specializes in 11 inch pies. If you can find a shop with a variety of topping options, even better! Second, check out local pizzerias. Many pizzerias offer 11 inch pizzas that can be customized to your exact tastes. Third, consider ordering from an online pizza delivery service. Not only do these services offer a wide selection of 11 inch pizza varieties, they also make it easy to have your pizza delivered right to your door. Finally, don’t forget to check out your local grocery store. Many stores now offer ready-made 11 inch pizzas that can be easily heated up at home. So no matter where you’re located, there’s a delicious 11 inch pizza nearby waiting to be devoured!

6. Popular Toppings for 11 inch Pizza

There are many delicious options when it comes to topping 11-inch pizzas. From classic favorites like pepperoni and sausage to more creative combinations like prosciutto and arugula, the possibilities are endless. Topping your pizza with fresh basil, roasted garlic, or even a variety of vegetables can give your pizza a unique flavor that will be sure to tantalize the taste buds. If you’re feeling adventurous, try topping your pizza with a variety of cheeses for a delectable mix of flavors. No matter what toppings you choose, your 11-inch pizza will be sure to delight all your guests.


The mod 11 inch pizza is a great option for a quick and easy meal. It is a great way to feed a family without breaking the bank. The pizza is thin and crispy with plenty of toppings to choose from. The mod 11 inch pizza is sure to please all pizza lovers and is a great option for a fun night in.

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