mod pizza 6 inch vs 11 inch

Mod Pizza is a popular fast-casual pizza chain known for its individual-sized pizzas. The pizzas are available in two sizes: a 6-inch “Mini” and an 11-inch “Classic.” Both sizes are made with the same ingredients, so the main difference is the amount of pizza you get. The 6-inch Mini is perfect for one person as a meal, while the 11-inch Classic is great for sharing between two or three people. Both are delicious options and offer great value for money.

1. Overview of MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is an innovative, fast casual restaurant concept that is revolutionizing the pizza industry. MOD Pizza offers customers the opportunity to create their own pizzas and salads with a variety of fresh, high quality ingredients, all for one price. The MOD Pizza experience allows customers to be in control and customize their meal to their own personal taste. The MOD Pizza menu also includes a selection of signature pizzas, salads and sides that have been carefully crafted and perfected by the MOD Pizza culinary team. MOD Pizza also offers a variety of vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options, making sure that everyone can enjoy the MOD Pizza experience. With MOD Pizza, you can enjoy a delicious, customized pizza in minutes, and without breaking the bank!

2. Comparison of 6 Inch and 11 Inch MOD Pizza

Pizza lovers, rejoice! MOD Pizza offers two sizes of its delicious individual pizzas – 6 inch and 11 inch. But which is the right choice for you? Let’s compare the two to help you decide. 6 inch MOD Pizzas are great for those looking for a quick, light snack. The smaller size is also great for people with smaller appetites. 11 inch MOD Pizzas are ideal for those with bigger appetites, people who want to share, or those looking for a meal with leftovers. Both sizes offer the same variety of toppings and sauces, so it’s all about the portion size you’re looking for. So which is it? 6 inch or 11 inch? With MOD Pizza, the choice is yours!

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Mod size pizza (11 inch) - Picture of Mod Pizza, Salem - Tripadvisor

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In conclusion, the Mod Pizza 6 inch and 11 inch pizzas offer two different sizes for customers to choose from. The 6 inch is the perfect size for one person while the 11 inch is great to share with friends or family. The 6 inch pizza is a great value for a single person, however, the 11 inch pizza offers a larger size and more toppings for a slightly higher price.

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