Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Narrow kitchen cabinet ideas are becoming increasingly popular as a way to maximize storage and style in small spaces. Whether you are looking to remodel an existing kitchen or build a brand new one, these ideas can help you make the most of limited space. With creative designs and clever storage solutions, you can create an efficient and stylish kitchen even in a tight area. Get inspired by these great ideas to make your narrow kitchen look bigger than it is.

Measurement Considerations for Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

When renovating a kitchen, it can be tricky to fit all the elements you want within your space. If you have a narrow kitchen, it can be even more difficult to find room for furniture and appliances. One of the best ways to maximize the space in a narrow kitchen is to install narrow kitchen cabinets. However, it is important to measure the area carefully before purchasing narrow kitchen cabinets.

It is important to measure the height and width of the space where the cabinets will be installed. Knowing the exact measurements of the space will help you determine which cabinets will fit and how much usable space you will have. Additionally, it is important to measure the depth of the cabinets to ensure that they will fit within the space. If the depth of the cabinets is too large, they may not fit and you may need to look for narrower cabinets.

When measuring for narrow kitchen cabinets, it is also important to consider the size of the appliances and other furniture pieces that will be in the kitchen. Make sure to leave at least two inches of clearance between the cabinets and any other objects in the kitchen. This will ensure that everyone can move freely and that nothing will be too close to each other, which could cause safety issues.

Design Strategies for Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

Narrow kitchen cabinets can be tricky to work with, as they don’t offer a lot of space. However, with the right design strategies, you can make the most of what you have and create a stunning kitchen. Here are some tips to help you maximize your narrow kitchen cabinets and make the most of the space you have.

First, look for cabinets with deeper depth. This will help you make the most of the space you have. You can also look for taller cabinets that can accommodate more items. If you have the space, consider adding shelves and drawers to your cabinets, which can help you store more items in the same amount of space.

If you don’t have a lot of space, opt for open shelving instead of cabinets. This will give you easy access to the items you need, and help keep your kitchen looking clean and organized. Alternatively, you can use pull-out shelves. These shelves can be pulled out when you need them and tucked away when you don’t, making them great for maximizing narrow kitchen cabinets.

You can also use hooks to hang items from your cabinets. This is a great way to store items like utensils, pans, and other kitchen items, without taking up too much space.

Finally, pay attention to the lighting in your kitchen. Good lighting will make any kitchen look bigger and brighter. This is especially true in narrow kitchens, where well-placed lights can make the most of the space you have.

By using these strategies, you can make the most of your narrow kitchen cabinets and create a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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Tips for Installing Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

Having a narrow kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice storage and organization. With the right design and installation techniques, you can make the most of your small space. Here are some tips for installing narrow kitchen cabinets to maximize your storage.

First, take inventory of what you need to store. Determine how many shelves and drawers you will need for all of your cooking essentials. Keep in mind that narrow cabinets usually have fewer shelves and drawers than wider cabinets, so be sure to measure your space and take accurate measurements.

Next, consider your cabinet design. Narrow kitchen cabinets are typically either wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Wall-mounted cabinets are perfect for small kitchens, as they offer a sleeker look and provide more counter space. Floor-mounted cabinets, on the other hand, provide more storage but take up more floor space.

Finally, installation is key. Having the right tools and techniques can make all the difference when installing narrow kitchen cabinets. Properly anchoring your cabinets to the wall is essential for stability. Additionally, make sure you use levelers and shims to avoid gaps between the cabinet and the wall.

By following these simple tips, you can maximize the storage and organization potential of your narrow kitchen. With the right design and installation, you can make the most of your small space.

Cost Considerations for Narrow Kitchen Cabinets

When you are considering narrow kitchen cabinet ideas, you must also think about the cost associated with such a remodel. Although narrow cabinets can help to make a small kitchen look larger, they are not necessarily the most cost-effective solution. Installing narrow kitchen cabinets can be a labor-intensive process, and the costs for materials and labor can vary significantly. Additionally, if you are looking to replace existing cabinets, you may need to factor in the cost of disposing of the old ones.

In terms of materials, narrow kitchen cabinets often require custom-made components, which can be more expensive than standard cabinet sizes. If you decide to go with pre-made or stock cabinets, you may save some money, but you will likely be limited in terms of style and design options. On the other hand, custom cabinets can offer a wide range of options, but they will be more expensive.

FAQs About the Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

1. What are some narrow kitchen cabinet ideas?

A: Some narrow kitchen cabinet ideas include pull-out drawers for storing pantry items, shallow wall cabinets for spices, and narrow base cabinets with adjustable shelves.

2. How do I make the most of a narrow kitchen cabinet?

A: To make the most of a narrow kitchen cabinet, try maximizing vertical storage space with wall-mounted shelves and cabinets. Additionally, consider using pull-out drawers and shelves to maximize space and keep items organized.

3. What type of hardware should I use for narrow kitchen cabinets?

A: When selecting hardware for narrow kitchen cabinets, try to choose slim and sleek designs. Hardware like slim pulls, handles, and knobs will help to create a streamlined look.


Narrow kitchen cabinets can be a great way to save space and add style to any kitchen. With careful planning and thoughtful design, these cabinets can be used to maximize storage and create a modern, efficient kitchen. With the right tools and materials, narrow kitchen cabinets can be an affordable and stylish addition to any kitchen.

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