Pizza Peel 18 Inch

The Pizza Peel 18 Inch is a perfect tool for any pizza-lover who loves to make their own homemade pies. This pizza peel is constructed with a durable aluminum material and features an ergonomic handle for an easy grip and comfort. The pizza peel is designed to help you easily slide and turn your pizza in your oven, while keeping your hands away from the hot surface. The 18-inch size is ideal for larger pizzas and the long handle ensures that you can reach the back of your oven. This pizza peel is perfect for making the perfect pizza and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Types of Pizza Peel

Pizza peels are an essential tool for anyone who makes their own pizza. There are several types of pizza peels available, each with their own unique set of advantages. Wooden peels are a classic choice, providing a lightweight yet durable option that is easy to use and clean. Aluminum peels are also lightweight, but often come with a non-stick coating that prevents sticking. Finally, stainless steel peels provide a heavy-duty option that is perfect for larger pizzas and a wide range of temperatures. No matter what type of pizza peel you choose, it’s sure to help you make delicious pizzas with ease!

The Benefits of an 18 Inch Pizza Peel

An 18-inch pizza peel is a must-have for any pizza lover. Not only does it provide a convenient way to serve and dish out pizza, but it also offers several other advantages. Its large surface area provides ample room for transferring pizzas from the oven to the countertop, while its handle allows for a comfortable grip. Additionally, an 18-inch pizza peel can be used to move a variety of other items, such as cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Its lightweight, yet durable construction makes it easy to maneuver, and its non-stick surface ensures that food won’t stick when transferring. Whether you’re an aspiring pizza chef or just looking for an easy way to transfer your favorite pizzas, an 18-inch pizza peel is an invaluable tool.

How to Choose the Right Pizza Peel

Choosing the right pizza peel can be a tricky task. The right peel will make your pizza-making experience easier and more enjoyable. When selecting a peel, consider the size and shape of the pizza you are making, the material the peel is made of, and the handle shape and length.

The size and shape of the pizza peel should correspond to the size and shape of the pizza you are making. If the peel is too small, it will be difficult to maneuver the pizza into and out of the oven. If the peel is too large, you will be overworking the pizza dough.

The material of the pizza peel can be wooden, metal, or composite. Wooden peels are lightweight, but they can absorb moisture and become difficult to maneuver. Metal peels are heavier and durable, but they can be dangerous to handle if not made with a good handle grip. Composite peels provide a balance between the two, being lightweight and durable.

Finally, the handle shape and length should provide you with a good grip and enough leverage to maneuver the pizza. The handle should also be comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can select the right pizza peel that will make your pizza-making experience a breeze.

Honey-Can-Do 4439 Kitchen Supply 16-Inch x 18-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with  Wood Handle
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How to Use an 18 Inch Pizza Peel

Pizza peels are one of the most essential tools for making delicious homemade pizza. An 18 inch pizza peel can be a great asset when trying to maneuver large pizzas in and out of the oven. To use an 18 inch pizza peel correctly, start by lightly dusting the peel with a combination of flour and cornmeal. This will prevent the dough from sticking to the peel. Place your prepared pizza dough on the peel and add your favorite toppings. When your pizza is ready to go in the oven, carefully slide the peel under the pizza. Gently lift the peel and give it a shake to ensure that the pizza slips off easily. Once in the oven, use the peel to rotate the pizza for even cooking. When the pizza is done, use the peel and a quick jerk of the wrist to slide the pizza from the oven onto a cutting board. With the right technique, an 18 inch pizza peel can help you make delicious, perfectly cooked pizzas.

Care and Maintenance of an 18 Inch Pizza Peel

An 18 inch pizza peel is an essential tool for any pizza chef or home cook. Not only does it make transferring pizzas easily and safely, but it also helps to keep your oven and workspace clean. Proper care and maintenance of a pizza peel is important for ensuring that it stays in good condition and lasts for a long time. Start by cleaning the peel with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent after each use. Allow it to air dry, then lightly coat it with food-safe oil to keep it from getting scratched or rusting. Store your peel in a dry place and never leave it in direct sunlight. Lastly, make sure to inspect your peel regularly for signs of wear or damage. With a little bit of care, your pizza peel will be a useful and dependable tool for many years to come!

Troubleshooting Common Problems with 18 Inch Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a must-have tool for any home-cooking aficionado, but especially for the pizza lover. Not only is it a great way to transfer pizzas into and out of the oven, but it can also be used to check the doneness of the pizza and give it a nice finish. But, with 18-inch pizza peels, there are some common problems that can arise. This blog will help you troubleshoot these issues so that your pizza-making experience is flawless! From learning how to properly use the pizza peel to understanding how to clean and store it, this blog has all the information you need to help you make the most of your 18-inch pizza peel.

FAQs About the Pizza Peel 18 Inch

Q: What material is the Pizza Peel 18 Inch made from?
A: The Pizza Peel 18 Inch is made from high-grade stainless steel with an ergonomic wooden handle for comfortable use.

Q: What is the size of the Pizza Peel 18 Inch?
A: The Pizza Peel 18 Inch measures 18 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Q: Is the Pizza Peel 18 Inch easy to clean?
A: Yes, the Pizza Peel 18 Inch is easy to clean – simply wipe down with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.


The Pizza Peel 18 Inch is an excellent tool for making pizza at home. It is easy to use, durable, and made of high-quality materials. It is large enough to handle pizza up to 18 inches in diameter, making it perfect for large family get-togethers. The peel is lightweight and the long handle allows for easy maneuvering across the pizza stone. It also has a textured surface to prevent sticking. With its affordability and versatility, the Pizza Peel 18 Inch is a great addition to any home kitchen.

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